Welcome to Plain Stationery and Homeware. You’re welcome to browse these following information if you’re curious about how to shop on our website. Of course, welcome to tell us if there are any questions still bother you.

Due to COVID-19, we have temporarily suspended shipping services to some country. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please mail us know if you have any questions.


Steps to shop online:

  1. Add your item into shopping cart
  2. Confirm to order
  3. Fill the shipping address
  4. Process to pay : pay-at-pickup service at convenience stores / ATM / Credit card (For any further information, please read the instructions below)
  5. You will receive our email once you placed your order.
  6. We will inform you by email once we sent out your order.
  7. Collect your ordered item


  • Email us as soon as possible if you want to change the shipping address. Otherwise we will send the products according the shipping address you provided on your form.
  • Please inform us if you want to change or cancel your order before 11pm on Sunday and Wednesday, or we will deliver your order on Monday and Thursday.

About our membership

  • Your personal information will be highly secured.
  • You are still allowed to purchase online even you’re not registered as our member. Yet our members would enjoy discount of certain products. So welcome to join our membership. (It’s easy to join us. Just sign in and you will be one of us.)
  • You can browse your recent order, edit your personal information, for example current shipping address, and changing your password after you registered as our member.
  • You will receive our email once the previous out of stocks products arrived. To enjoy this service, please make sure that you click the button [inform me whenever this item restocked].
  • You can mark down the product that caught your eyeballs by using our e-notebook. All you have to do is click the pencil button above of our product pictures.

Oversea Shipping

  1. Our shipping area included Hong Kong, Macau, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom and others. Please pay by credit card and make sure that you selected [other countries] in your order. Our system will automatically calculate the shipping fees required. For any further information, welcome to contact us.
  2. All products will be sent from Taiwan. For customers who are from countries that we did not mentioned in our list above, please contact us for more information. Thank you very much.


– Malaysia: Since we are using SF-Express to deliver products to Malaysia, we are informed that we could not deliver inks and cutleries through their service. Please inform us if you order the products we mentioned. We will try our best to make an arrangement for you.

– Hong Kong: All orders will be delivered by SF-Express. For those who selected collecting your item at home, you’ll need to pay another HKD30 as extra service charge. Please notice that the further your place located, the higher the expense of the extra charging fee. Kindly inform us if you want to change the shipping method to normal postal service.

– Macau: We are informed that we could not deliver magnetic item to Macau. We will contact you if there are magnetic items in your order.

– Australia and New Zealand: We will use normal postal service to process your order since the required fees is cheaper. Yet the shipping period will be about 15-20 days.

– China: All orders will be delivered by SF-Express. You will be informed to pay whenever your order arrived.

You can click the link below to check your SF-Express shipping situation: http://www.sf-express.com/tw/tc/dynamic_functions/time/


  • Our working days to proceed online orders are Monday and Thursday. If you paid before 12am on Monday, we will send out the products on Monday. If you paid before 12am on Thursday, your products will be sent out on Thursday. The arrival time of parcel depends on the distance of different places. Please check your email to browse if your products are ready.
  • We will send you a confirmation email after we sent out your products. All customers will be informed before 12am on our delivery day.
  • The unstablility of network, capacity of mailbox and status of server might be the causes which affect the failure of receiving our emails. Please check with these situations before reaching to us.
  • The brightness of computer scenes and setting of color might affect your sight on browsing our website. Please accept our apology if there’s any causes that make our products out of your expectation.

Returns and Refunds

You will need to return the products within 7 days in case the product is in defective conditions. Please make sure that the returned product is in original package. Thank you.

Payment methods

1. Select the products that you want to buy.


2. You will be informed by a short sentence shown in webpage after you successfully added item into the shopping cart.


3. Click the cart to pay. You can also edit the amount or type of item in the cart before you decide to access your payment.


4. Please fill in your information for example shipping address.


5. Select your shipping and payment method:





3。Pay by credit card

  • Credit cards with Visa, Mastercard, JCB, China Unionpay are available in our online payment system.
  • Once the payment is succeed, you will received a notification that marks your order is processing shown in our webpage.
  • If the process failed, our suggestion to customers would be contacting the bank about the failure on processing before reaching to us.
  • The order status will remain at “Pending payment” or “Canceled” stage even if the payment progress is not success. The order will be automatically cancelled.
  • For customers using credit card outside Taiwan, please open the  “3-Domain Secure” function of your card, to make payment success.

Drop Us A Note

Please contact us via info@plain.tw or the form below, thank you.